Tuesday, 20 July 2010

I have been fielding phone calls all day after it was announced that I was standing for nomination in the BNP Leadership Elections. Yellow forms have been dropping through the boxes of those eligible to nominate since yesterday. The forms are an improvement on previous years with a number of security features to ensure that forgeries can be detected. This is very important as Red Fascist groups like the misnamed 'UAF' have indicated that they will seek to submit fake forms based on the leaked membership lists. Eddy Butler who has design his own signature nomination paper and make it available for download on the web! No wonder that Head Office has rightly said that only nominations made on the secure, official form will be accepted as valid.

Anyway, back to the phone calls! I've been asked by people who signed the unofficial forms produced by Eddy if they can nominate me instead. Members who want reform in the Party have said that they did not know at the time that I would be putting my name forward and prefer me to the other candidates. The answer is simple. The forms produced by Mr Butler are invalid. They will not be counted. There is therefore no reason you cannot change your mind now that you have the full facts and nominate me by writing in my names on the official, valid yellow form.

I hope that you will consider nominating me as I will ensure that there is fairness and transparency in the Party and end the back-biting and disunity.

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