Saturday, 24 July 2010

Whilst Up North

Sorry for not keeping you as updated as much as I'd like, but this is because of what was mentioned in my previous posting. After all, this party is about winning representation on local councils as well as in national elections, otherwise why are we here?

From tomorrow I will be publishing the policies I'll be standing on for the leadership challenge. I'd like to make it quite clear that I am no body's stooge (poodle) and I don't enter this challenge light heartily. In fact, if it was not for the grassroots member's frustration and anger over the bitterness and aggressive manner in which this leadership challenge was brought about then there would be no reason for me to have been asked by numerous members to stand.

One thing I'd like to bring to your attention is for the last 5 years every positive development has come from myself i.e. Councillor's Liaison Officer, initial Councillor's Handbook layout and the A5 summary manifesto.

I will provide more information tomorrow about two main constitutional issues. First, all Regional Organiser regardless of their existing income will be given numerations plus expenses. Secondly, all councillors will be provided with communications and IT equipment along with a Regional Support Officer to assist them in their role.

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