Monday, 26 July 2010


It is quite ludicrous, still certain peoples involved with the leadership challenge, are attacking my sites: my blogger, Facebook sites and now attacking my utube site. Why?

I have no intent to pull out. I am nobody's stooge. And I am certainly not entering into the race no longer relating to keeping my GLA job, though I am the only person that knows the job back to front.

Why did we lose the by-election in Goresbrook, Barking and Dagenham. And at what expense? Is the same to happen in a winnable seat in Spennymoor, Co Durham! All those spouting change and growth of our Cllrs should be up here. Like myself. Where are Eddy and the others??

It was agreed that this childish bickering would stop in a meeting over a month ago....... No change. If this continues, the Party will collapse and implode. What we need now are open debates from all parts of the challenge, in an open forum.

If you are unable to see my sites clearly then you must ask yourself who is able and competent to run/caretake this Party.

Richard Barnbrook (the real one)

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  1. Well said Richard

    So far all I have seen is Dirty Tricks, Smear and falsehoods. You have kept you campaign honest and clean. You do credit to yourself and the party in the way you are doing things.

    Leave the slanderous comments to the main stream, there used to spin and deciet so let them spin away. We as a party just tell the truth, and as the old saying goes. Sometimes the truth Hurts

    Keep up the Good Work