Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Naughty, naughty boys shouldn’t steal other people’s toys!

I was very surprised to discover, no doubt along with everyone else, that my blog richardbarnbrook.com has been sabotaged! When I logged on today, I was shocked to find that traffic visiting the site has been diverted to a site profiling another candidate!!

Now I don’t know which mischievous person is to blame for this, but let me say that I do think that this sort of bad play is slightly underhand! It’s not really very democratic and it certainly doesn’t assist members in making up their minds about the issues that are being raised with regard to the future of this party.

Behaviour like this is, I think a cause for concern. Because everyone is entitled to have their say, whether one agrees with it or not.

I am carry on doing what I do best. I am going to get back on the streets and keep raising the issue that affect not only Londoners, but the UK generally.

This evening I’m off to see the old folk at Catherine Godfrey House in Goresbrook.

And this weekend I shall be heading up to County Durham to help the Walker Brothers with their by-election. They were kind enough to come down here and help me both with the general and local elections and the recent by-election. Maybe the rest of the candidates might like to come and lend a hand!

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