Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Richard Barnbrook: Leadership Challenge-

We are one family of nationalists. As in all families, individual members have their differences. But what I don’t like to see is nasty, relentless, targeted and often unsubstantiated personal criticism waged in full public view.

I’m not here to score points or to pick holes in individuals. You can judge each of us by what we have said and indeed, what we don’t say.

We need someone we can all rally around and who can take the party forward. Not just one faction, or group. We need to move forward together as a reconciled and unified whole. Because that’s the only way we are ever going to win elections.

If you live in London or another of the big cities of this once green and pleasant land, look around you!. You know, and I know, there’s no other party out there that has either the means or the will to do anything about the massive problems which we continue to face as a nation. It’s down to us in the BNP, or it’s down to no-one. Because there is no one else!

So that’s why I’m standing. Because I’ve always had a vision for this country. Because I am not and never will be prepared to stand back and see this country wrecked. I believe that there is no one else at the present time who can effectively pull the warring factions in the Party together. I know that I have the status, the proven track record and the ability to motivate everyone to get back into the family fold and pull together, for the sake of all that binds us as fellow nationalists. That’s why I have said that if elected leader, I will hold the post as a caretaker, to allow the Party time to take stock and regroup.

Let’s just put personalities to one side in this contest and think about what’s best for the Party and our cause. Above all, we have to get everyone back on board. It’s simple common sense. By voting for me as leader, I believe the Party will have taken its first step on the road to restoration and renewal.

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