Wednesday, 28 July 2010


Let us put to bed the stories about my sacking/dismissal of my position as Barking and Dagenham Organiser. 5 minuets before going into Mayor's Question at the GLA, I was told that I had been replaced as the Organiser!!! In most people's eyes that means you have been sacked.

Now if it was Nick that requested it, or Eddy had had a word to people in his camp, and the London Organiser, to have me removed, who is to know. One thing is for sure that I and a few other activists in Barking and Dageham have returned for the last five years the highest returns for the British National Party, with myself still holding the highest Parliamentary percentage return.

It is for you to make your own minds up who would be best to take this party forward, who has the ability to get the party back on to the election wins which is the sole purpose of any political Party?

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