Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Changes that have to take place

(This has been forwarded to the Chairman Nick Griffin, MEP, and the Party National Organiser, Clive Jefferson for their consideration.)

I have always maintained impartial over the recent months after the elections, if not all the way through my political career with the BNP. Maybe the term impartiality should be replaced with that of professionalism.

Yes, I did stand for the leadership and yes, I did shake hands with Eddy Butler. That was before I saw what a moronic level this party and its structure has descended into, all crying out in the name of Britain and in the name of the BNP. What a fool I have been! It has now come to my attention that old friends, the first that I ever met when I joined the Party in 1999, that do not hold any status other than that of true activists, have been bullied and threatened not to work with me in any capacity. I may have resigned the whip, but for good reason. I am still a loyal member of THE PARTY. Managements come and go, as do leaders, but the stakeholders always remain the same.

I have never attacked anybody personally or made statements

to undermine the party, let alone its ability to function. While I am still a member of the GLA I will do my damndest to make sure that a member of the party that I belong to will be re-elected to the in 2012, but that is a long shot at this moment in time with these divisions and factions taking place. As I said before I will resume the whip once the perceived current problems have been tackled This is not a selfish act or reprisal, it is simply what the party has to do now in order to survive.

Clarity, Communication, Cohesion and Continuity:

It’s due to the perception of a total collapse of communication from Head Office down, along with possible improprieties in the financial governance of our party that has caused the discontent of recent months We need an overhaul. Once again, this is what I suggest:

1) Our Chairman, Nick Griffin, MEP, be made life-long president of the party, a similar position that was offered to John Tyndall.

2) That Nick Griffin, MEP, be given all necessary resources to fight to regain his seat in future European elections.

3) That all expenditures over £500 are made open to party scrutiny in addition to that of the Electoral Commission.

4) That auditing and accounting functions are carried out by a scrutiny committee of 2 independent party members as well as independent professionals who have had to tender for the contract in order to secure the most competitive rate for Party

5) That all communications and activities based in Northern Ireland be brought to the mainland immediately and downsized to fit within the Party’s realistic structural capability and budget.

6) A full explanation of why the Party has gone from being £2.3 million in credit to a deficit of £600 000 in the past year.

7) All Regional Organisers and above, including national management, to undergo a polygraph lie detector test within the next 6 months.

8) All Regional Organisers to stand down and be elected by the regional members and to be paid £1000 per month, plus travelling expenses and communications. This is based on getting our donations and membership fees up again.

9) A Cabinet should be set up to include the Chairman, and Deputy Chairman. The Treasurer and the other 3 members to be chosen by the Advisory Council from among themselves.

10) All day to day decision making should be discussed and voted on by the Cabinet.

11) Regional Organisers can only be dismissed by the members of that region, or by the Advisory Council.

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