Monday, 2 August 2010

Principle wins over Promise

It is true that about two months a go I was concerned about being reselected as the primary candidate on the GLA list in 2012. This wasn’t simply a matter of wanting to secure a well-paid post. As far as my circumstances are concerned, if not re-selected it will be catastrophic for my career- in effect I won’t have one! I am fully aware that because of my high political profile I will never see a teaching job again, and will never be able to sell my artwork, save from a market stall. My best employment prospects would be a labouring job with fellow nationalists if at all. However, since standing for the leadership, I have resigned myself to the fact that my reselection is not as important as my conscience. I am content with knowing that I am doing the right thing for the right reasons, and if not reselected, then I will cheerfully recreate myself as a nationalist in whatever capacity circumstances demand, in the knowledge that at least I will have been true to myself and the principles I believe in.

In my remaining time at the GLA, I will continue to work on the following issues:
1 Expanding and extending my London Mothers against Knives petition in order to draw attention to the evil of knife crime and its effects on young people.
2 Assisting our elderly communities, by publicising the sub-charity ‘Heat or Eat’ and emphasise issues and concerns that affect them. 3 I will also I will push on to highlight the plight of our homeless servicemen on the streets of London.
4 As a serving member of the Health Committee at the GLA, I will continue to work on health issues affecting Londoners, with particular emphasis on youth obesity, rape crisis centres, and the increase in cases of Tuberculosis and Measles.

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