Monday, 2 August 2010

Speech in Kirklees

On the way back down from Spennymore, I met some fellow nationalists from Wakefield and they suggested that I get in touch with Dave Exley, the branch organiser for Kirklees, albeit with short notice, to arrange a meeting so I could give a speech about the leadership challenge. This is not to say that Dave and his colleagues were intending to nominate me but they wanted to give a fair hearing to all the candidates. My speech went down very well and they were pleased that I answered all their questions.

For all nationalists reading this, I would like to ask if you would kindly invite me to your branch and regional meetings so that I can explain in further detail where I stand in this leadership challenge. You can telephone me directly on 07869 243129 or email me on

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  1. Firstly I was surprised to see Richard in the Kirklees area; he mentioned that he had been helping the Walker brothers out with the up and coming by-election in Spennymoor, personally I have always wondered how he gets time for all this work! The one observation that stood out in the speech was not what he had to say, but how he conducted his speech, the passion and dedication for this party was second to none. On numerous occasions did he speak about the parties’ structure and backbone, and the fact that the back-biting and triviality are doing the party as a whole no favours, this made me think? ...the party is becoming ever increasingly friable.
    Richard spoke about nationalism, and I quote; “nationalism is not something we acquire or learn, we have it in our blood...we are born with it”. I too believe this to be true (I was a nationalist from first school age).
    I was thrilled to see such a breath of fresh air after all the back-biting and bickering that was taking place within the party, and this speech replaced my thoughts of fear for our existence to those of hope and unity.
    “Words of wisdom shall fall from no man unless he is true to himself”
    I believe Richard Barnbrook is.

    An attending member’s perspective.