Tuesday, 3 August 2010

What it means to me to be a nationalist!

To me, nationalism is far more than a mere political ideology. It goes even deeper than simply working for the success in an election or a campaign. Nationalism is something that springs from inside. It’s part of ones very reason for being. Because is encapsulates a longing all that is worthy and right.

Most politicians are in politics for what they can get. They crave power, money, fame and esteem. The MPs’ expense scandal is a symptom, and not a cause. What’s more, when they’ve got where they think they want to be, they’ve always have their eye on the next prize in their illusive struggle for personal gain.

Unlike the rest of them, true nationalists aren’t in politics for what they think they can get out of it. Because as we all know, they have to put up with persecution and social exclusion.

A true nationalist will always put his conscience first. And his country’s interests before his own. That is why, despite the present unrest, I still have faith in this Party. Because during my career in the BNP I have had the pleasure of working with some of the most dedicated, selfless and sincere people that one could ever wish to meet.

We in the BNP are one family of nationalists. All of us have our country’s welfare at heart. Whichever side of this bitter leadership campaign you are coming from, many of you will have given up a lot for your beliefs. Remember that there is only one true cause that should and must unite us. And we will only survive if we put aside our own personal perspective and try to grasp the wider picture. A broader view opens new horizons. We need to see ourselves as part of the grand unified whole. Then we need to be selfless enough to look beyond the immediate confines of our specific concerns and visualise what it really means to be inspired!

Only inspiration will lead to victory! There’s far more to being a leader than simply doing a re-jig of the rule book. You have to reach people deep down inside. You have to lift them up to aspire what may seem to be impossible. And then you have to show them how to make the impossible a glorious reality.

That’s what happened in 2006 in Barking and Dagenham. And that’s what I want to happen again. Only this time, I want to ignite such a feeling of hope and renewal that we, the BNP will set this country alight!

There’s a place for everyone in this glorious vision. This is an aspiration that comes from the heart. And this is why I am standing in the leadership campaign. Because as a sincere nationalist, I feel inspired. And I know now that it’s my task to inspire you!

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