Tuesday, 10 August 2010

TFL cutting station staff despite “SEVERE” terrorism threat!

According to information from the Home Office issued today, the terrorism threat we face is ‘severe.’ This means that ‘a terrorist attack is highly likely.’ There are 5 different levels of threat which indicate the likelihood of an attack in the near future. The highest possible level is ‘critical.’ ‘Severe’ is only one level down from that.

The official advice is to remain alert and to look out for suspicious bags on public transport or ‘any other potential signs of terrorist activity you many encounter.’

In the light of this, you may think that it’s not the best time for TFL to be cutting staff and closing down ticket offces! But that’s just what they are doing! Which means of course, that there will be fewer people around to keep an eye out for suspicious articles or behaviour.

I’ve spoken to a member of staff at an outer East London station, who was very concerned that he would be stretched in having to watch platforms and concourse if the ticket office is closed, because the monitors are located in the ticket office and it’s impossible for one person to be everywhere on the station at once.

This seems to be another example of false economy on the part of TFL, and is not good news for the public.

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