Thursday, 5 August 2010

Video Diary: Notting Hill Riot!

Video Diary: Notting Hill Riot!

This clip was taken at the GLA shortly after the Notting Hill Carnival in 2008. I’ve posted it because we’re coming up for another Carnival at the end of the month, and I doubt whether the usual difficulties of lawlessness and drug taking will have improved. No doubt the authorities will continue to turn a blind eye, despite the fact that it costs £6 000 000 to police. And yet the budget for celebrating St George’s day is less than a million.

You can see that I’m wearing one of my ‘London Mothers against Knives’ tee-shirts! I had a job lot of these made up to promote my ‘London Mothers against Knives’ petition in order to try and highlight the problem of knife crime in London. How many more young lives have been lost or ruined through knife attacks since this film was made?

14 minors have been killed this year alone so far, and last year, 13 young people lost their lives.

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