Thursday, 5 August 2010

Leadership Challenge - Clarity, Communication, Cohesion and Continuity

Clarity, Communication, Cohesion and Continuity

The 4 Cs- this is what is needed to turn our party around!

Clarity- we need a clear statement of intention of what we are about. We need to specify our objectives, principles and approach. in order to motivate, inspire and galvanise our membership.

Communication- we need a clear and regular channel of communication from the top down, and indeed we need to encourage feedback from the bottom up! The right hand needs to know what the left hand is doing.

Cohesion- We need to make sure that everyone is on board and singing from the same song sheet. Democracy is vital in achieving this. When decisions are made properly accountable, everyone can present a united front.

Continuity- We need to make sure that groups and individuals are supporting each other and working to one overall objective with a commonality of purpose. For this to work out, policy needs to be rolled out and adhered to nationwide. This would avoid individuals and groups being isolated and left out unsupported on a limb because they have not been included in the plan of action.

If these elements are not adhered to the result is a state of organised chaos which results in frustration and de-motivation.

I, Richard Barnbrook, am the only person who can create a sense of stability, clarity and inclusiveness in our Party!

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